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Working with the CoolBison team has been a very positive experience. Their depth of knowledge is impressive, and the results have spoken for themselves. We now rank on the first page of Google for all of our keywords so it’s a job well done.

Jack Doran, marketing manager.

We just had our most successful Black Friday ever, thank you. Specialized is now considering the strategy internationally.

Matt Power, head of web development.

Thanks for the great work you do. We want to continue our relationship, working with you closely.

Craig Griffiths, account manager, performance marketing dept.



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Natural Search

It takes Google best practice SEO and our collective and individual innovation to get to the top of today’s search engines, and most importantly, to stay there. Natural search engine optimisation is quite different to Adword search and can’t be instantly bought. SEO is directed by algorithms, local and/or national search relevancy and of course, social currency. So, not only is SEO hyper-competitive, it’s also multifaceted. To succeed in organic search you’ll need a strong foundation, machined approach and extensive knowledge of both SEO, and social realms to benefit from the treasures that are on offer for local and national businesses alike.


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Made to Measure

CoolBison combine our local knowledge with an extraordinarily deep research approach that creates a foundation for delivering returns on every click you get. Clear, simple reports show you where your website makes its profit on investment, whether that be mobile, tablet or desktop applications. From extensive national SEO portfolios to smaller local buzz-generating campaigns, we ensure a made to measure solution that meets your needs. No stabs in the dark, no automated handy work; real analysis, genuine results all backed by our comprehensive guarantee. Our cutting-edge SEO is paving the way for our industry. Your business website will get strong navigation to the top of the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Our Outcomes

Our SEO Agency from Bristol.

In a flooded market, it can be a little overwhelming. Many an SEO company in Bristol and the UK certainly have merit, but knowing which can help transform your website, rankings and income streams can be a little confusing. We enjoy a list of past and present clients, impeccable resources and a history of substantial results. Rally us into action for we’d love to show you how we have delivered for some leading Bristol and UK businesses. We think you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in an SEO company.


Ahead of the Curve Algorithm Updates

It’s our task to remain at pace with search engine algorithm changes. Because there are varying updates every single day we have dedicated systems that test the crucial facets of SEO, so we can move quickly when significant changes emerge. We lead this pursuit with our online properties (websites/social pages etc) so clients websites avoid negative performance impacts.

Specialist Keyword Optimisation

Carefully researched keywords, strategically placed on webpages is something of an art. What human beings see and what algorithmic spider bots see are quite different. It’s not our practice to dump keyword phrases just anywhere on your webpages. Using strategy, guile and experience we ensure the greatest exposure to your market and audience. Find out a bit more about our seo expert, Marcus Rockey who began online in 2014/15.

Analyze, Learn, Apply

One key to SEO success is gathering the information that creates real change in a websites ranking position. Thorough competitor analysis is transformed into gold dust through application. Where are your competitors succeeding? What could they possibly improve upon? Combining this information into a blueprint lends to your success.

Links and Votes

Knowing the links that empower competition to rank and building a link campaign of strength, power and longevity will hurry your website up through the rankings. Leveraging your best keyword phrases to create a ‘one of a kind’ link programme that breeds results.

Social Currency

There are two social currencies to know. The first is finding out where your potential customers and clients hangout, and what they are all talking about. The second is encouraging engagement, which search engines (but in particular, Google) love. A social audience (even a very small but loyal one) can share your message and consequently inform Google of the relevancy your website, brand, products and services have in today’s market. How can any search engine resist that?

An SEO Bristol Business Service:

  • Local knowledge optimisation
  • Site optimisation
  • Social optimisation
  • Mobile responsive SEO
  • Analytical optimisation
  • Local video optimisation
  • Google map optimisation
  • Fully guaranteed results driven SEO

Built by Bristol business for Bristol’s businesses.

A National & International SEO Business Service

  • All of the above
  • Country specific TLD (top level domain) optimisation
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Dedicated IP’s and/or servers support
  • Hands on support and/or training

Your Region SEO

Not to disappoint, our local search engine optimisation expands to the local regions Bath, Gloucestershire, Swindon, Dorset and South Wales.

CoolBison Site Clinic Service?

SEO can be a powerful online tool for discovering new customers and clients. A big part of its effectiveness comes down to how well your site is structured. How good your content is. The strength of your links. How well your website is already optimised.

We offer a free site clinic service so you can understand the detail before making any kind of investment.

Included service:

  • On-page review
  • Off-page review
  • Google Maps review
  • Back link analysis
  • Mobile& Responsive check up
  • Page speed review

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Local Knowledge

“Alright my luvvers?
We is Bristol’s  SEO experts, innit!

“Bristol babbers are welcome”

Definition of a Babber: A term of endearment used by Bristolians.

Our local knowledge brings value but our work spans the whole of the UK, Europe and North America.

Link Vote SEO

Industry Related Websites That Like Each Other

Links (or as they are more commonly described votes) have always held an important role to where a website appears in natural search. Link votes are the nucleus of relevance and demonstrate the digital integrity of a website.

There are man-made links from citation submissions (business listings) and guest posting, and there are natural links from industry related websites that mention you. The latter strategy occurs when your website and its content are so compelling that others acknowledge it by way of a link. Both link building types shall elevate your website for the search terms relating to the products and services you offer.

CoolBison’s SEO services customise link strategy around your keywords whilst improving your brand awareness. This synergy elevates your website through authority, power and trust; important criteria within the Google terms of service and your soon to be discovered online customers and clients.

Social Currency SEO

Industry Related Websites That Like Each Other

Social Media has become a condition of winning search engine marketing and can no longer be overlooked. Its influence within SEO outcomes continues to grow and plays an important role in how far your website rankings will go.

Facebook shares, Twitter Tweets, Google Plus 1’s and many more social factors bring immense value to SEO, and a combination of activity brings relevancy and brand value. The result is strong social links pointing back to your website.

Aside from their SEO value, social currency offers loyal followers, something that is proven to generate new business. CoolBison SEO company in Bristol build a customised social approach to help your website yield the power of social.

A Mobile Revolution

72% Of today’s online search queries are taken on a mobile device. This figure varies depending on the industry and search phrase. For example, the keyword ‘SEO agency Bristol’ has a mobile search percentage of just 24% whereas ‘locksmith Bristol’ carries 68%. But, regardless of your industry, a seamless mobile web experience is critical for harvesting organic traffic and leads to your business. Bear in mind that your website has one chance to impress. If your potential customer or client doesn’t like what they see, the first time they come, they are not likely to come back.