Hiring an SEO consultant in Bath is a huge step in the right direction for both large and small business owners. Not only does an SEO consultant have the skills and education necessary to ensure a website has the best search engine ratings, but they allow business owners to concentrate on what they know best, their business. If you’re not completely convinced you need to hire an SEO consultant in Bath for your website, here just a few reasons why this is an important investment worth making.


1. SEO Matters!

Over 10.3 billion Google searches are performed each month [1]. Of these searchers, 75% of users (more than 7.7 billion) never scroll past the first page of results [2]. If your website isn’t ranking on the first page of results, you are missing out on a huge number of potential customers and clients.


2. Effective SEO is a full time job.

Many business owners don’t realise all the work that is involved with proper search engine optimisation. From analysing and researching potential keywords to building links and successfully applying SEO strategies to existing content and new content, there is a lot of work involved with SEO. This is work that takes time away from running a business.


3. SEO consultants know what to do improve your website to get the best results, while also enhancing your customer’s experience.

A professional SEO consultant is familiar with all the tools necessary to analyse websites quickly and efficiently. Best of all, after completing a thorough SEO audit, they are well aware of what needs to be done to improve your page’s ranking and correct any technical issues that are causing visitors to leave only seconds after landing on your page.


4. SEO is always changing.

In an industry that is ever-changing, what works today may not necessarily land your website in the top rankings tomorrow. SEO consultants keep track of these changes and will make certain your website is updated. Trying to do this on your own, while also running your business, is essentially impossible.


5. Professional SEO consultants don’t take shortcuts.

Did you know that Google has no problem blacklisting websites that resort to unethical SEO tactics [3]? Sure, it may be tempting (and cheaper) to pay for top placement; it may even work for a short period of time, but Google will catch up with you and blacklist your site. This means your site will not be showing up anywhere near the top of the results page. Google also blacklists sites for keyword stuffing, broken links, hidden text, link farms, mirroring websites, and creating doorway pages.

Don’t be tempted to hire an SEO consultant with ridiculously low prices that claim your page will instantly be the #1 search return. They often resort to these questionable tactics that will get your site blacklisted.

If you are a website owner, you owe it to yourself and your business to hire a professional SEO consultant in Bath who can help your website get the recognition it deserves and traffic it needs to succeed.