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Are your target market using Social Media?

Social media can mean different things to different businesses.

Overall it facilitates the sharing of information and user generated content such as blogs or white papers, locally in Bristol, across the south west and nationally.

So for you as a business this means recommendations by users of your products or services to their online and offline social networks.

And don’t forget, Social Media generates a large portion of search referral traffic itself, alongside Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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Our social media marketing services provide:

  1. Participation in social media communities
  2. A more engaging user experience
  3. Unique and differentiated content
  4. Growth in brand and business awareness
  5. Referral traffic to your website

CoolBison Digital Agency Bristol

Social media marketing has erupted over the last few years with lots of brands starting to realise its potential. More and more of these companies are genuinely reaching and engaging consumers. Although it’s one of the biggest and most accessible marketing opportunities, if there’s no strategy and it’s an unmanaged process it won’t be as effective as it could be and may even be damaging.

Marketing Agency Planning Process

We’ve heard stories of how social media has helped companies and the 3rd sector across Bristol and England, achieve results.  However, we’ve also heard horror stories, of the wayward tweet which spread like wild fire and resulted in someone’s contract being terminated.

So a vital ingredient to your success is having a strategic social media marketing plan, with some well thought out tactics to target your audience and pull in returns.  There is a four step planning process, we undertake at CoolBison Marketing so we can get you the best results from your social media accounts.

Whether you find an agency to manage your social media account or not, we recommend taking the four steps laid out below, which we take before embarking on online social media marketing campaigns.

#1 Listen in

In this step decide how to put in place the resources, process and tools needed for effective listening, to help you reach your business aims.  If Social Media Marketing is new ground to you, it’s a good idea to study the lay of the land for a few days before posting.


#2 Combined Strategy

Of course you can use an ad hoc, purely reactive style of social media and you may see benefits of interaction and sharing. But if you can take the time, Social Media Marketing is most effective when using a more controlled approach, which allows you to reap greater rewards, this involves setting relevant goals, then planning how to convert that social media interaction to leads and sales.


#3 Defined approach

Depending on which social tools you use: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or any of the others platforms – it’s beneficial to tailor your message to suit your audience

You would have seen from stage one, whilst you were listening, that the tone of voice used and interactions are different from platform to platform, so a ‘one-size fits all’ communication strategy for each platform makes it harder to gain leads, share content effectively, which in turn has a knock on effect on converting those social interactions.


#4 Optimisation

Once your pages have a steady stream of interaction, it’s really time to start engaging social media users to drive even more traffic to your website or your end destination.

At this point revisit your Social Media marketing and engagement plan, and ask the following questions in order to adjust it:

  • How valuable is our content to our community?
  • Is it consistently shareable, which platform works best for your business?
  • Do we need to realign the social media marketing objectives with the business goals again.

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