Nuts and Bolts of SEO


Put a good title on each page

Tip number one is to create a good title for your side, that is a title that is about your business and that is not too long (maximum 68 characters). In CoolBison’s world titles are a must in order to succeed, so make sure that you have a unique title for each bottom so it is not the same throughout the whole of your website. Page title is a very heavy ranking factor so try to get into your most important words in a good way.
Meta description
Page Meta Description is the text you see in the search results under the blue clickable link in the hitlist. You have the possibility to a couple of lines of text to write something relevant and attractive to attract visitors to your page. Meta description is currently no direct impact on your site’s search engine optimization, but a good tip is still trying to describe what the page is about and a great way to get into the words you want to rank up.
Marked out the page headers
To excel headlines in your paragraphs of text helps Google understand that it’s just a title. It is not enough to simply increase the font size of the text, but when Google reads the headlines after checking the H1, H2, H3 and so on. A good tip is to get a sensible CMS tool where there is good support for this, eg WordPress that has many good support for search engine optimization. Do you put a text H1 becomes the page’s headline you choose H2 becomes the sub heading. Do you have a longer text, use heading tags diligently and try to get into your most important words in headings.
Good and unique content
One of our best tips is content, Google loves text and most text that is unique and that contribute new content for their search engine. The text makes a big difference in search engine optimisation so do not skimp on the text but put down some time to write a good and interesting content.
If Google detects that the text on your website is already on someone else’s site, or is similar to the other text on the web, why should they then present your side of the hit list? Try to think twice before you write your lyrics so that they are unique, yet interesting and captures the attention of the visitor.
It is obviously important that the words and phrases you want to rank up and appear on the hit list are included in the text on your page. Google does not find words and phrases that will be difficult to convince Google that your website is the most relevant page to present when someone searches.
To be exaggerated in your lyrics with words and phrases in the hope that the page will be very relevant to that particular word is dangerous and totally unnecessary. Google is smart enough to see through this and categorizes it directly as “spam”, which can cause you to be removed from search results or lose positions significantly. A good tip for search engine optimization and your lyrics is to write the lyrics for the visitors in the first place and never spam your text with keywords.